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Paul McCartney, first concert in Korea in May
Paul McCartney, first concert in Korea in May

According to the concert world, Paul McCartney will hold his first concert in Korea on May 28th. Tuning the specific date about the concert, the renting of Seoul Jamsil main Olympic Stadium is completed. With the legendary information of Paul McCartney’s visit to Korea being known, Korean fans’ expectation is also growing higher. Aged 72, Paul McCartney showed off that he is still alive and well by releasing a new album ‘NEW’ last October. Also, at Japan concert which was held in November, he performed 31 songs for 2 hours and 40 minutes. Korean fans are excited at the fact that this might be the first and last visit of ‘living legend.’
"The Beatles" member Paul McCartney visiting Korea in May
March 7 2014

Legendary English rock group, “The Beatles”, will have one of their members, Paul McCartney, visit Korea in May.
Paul McCartney is said to be arriving in Korea to hold his first concert in Korea at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, on the 28th of May.
Many fans anticipated his arrival in Korea since last November, when his concert in Japan had been confirmed, as many popular American artists would soon visit Korea thereafter. However, no news of Paul McCartney’s concert in Korea had been confirmed, thus many were disappointed.
Now, a concert has been confirmed and many fans are anxiously awaiting his arrival.
In his concert in Japan, Paul McCartney performed a total of 31 songs, lasting 2 hours and 40 minutes. This was outstanding for someone of 72 years old, in which he played instruments and sang live throughout the whole show. Thus, many people are excited to see this same passion and energy in his Korea concert this coming May.
Source: Sports DongA

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