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Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Re-Issue
Dylan 30th Anniversary Concert Re-Issue
by beatlesblogger
March 22, 2014

For those George Harrison completists among us comes a CD re-issue of a 1992 concert held to mark the 30th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s recording career. This 2CD Deluxe Edition, with remastered audio, adds two previously unreleased recordings from the concert’s sound check to the original release. Our copy just arrived in the post:

30th Anniv CD front

30th Anniv CD Rear

George Harrison (then making his first US concert appearance in 18 years) is introduced on Track 7 of Disc 2 singing “Absolutely Sweet Marie”. As well we get him playing guitar and backing vocals on two other tracks. Sadly we don’t get “If Not For You”, though it was performed during the concert.

30th Anniv disc 1

30th Anniv Disc 2

The 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration is also now out on DVD and Blu-ray for the very first time. See WogBlog’s post for all the details on those releases.

The back of the CD booklet has a tribute to all the musicians who have since passed:

30th Anniv Booklet rear

The original 1992 CD cover looked like this, with a photo of George pretty much front and centre:

30th Anniversary Orig


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