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The Fifth Beatle Wins IGN's Best Original Graphic Novel / Fab Contest / Philly Signing!‏

Fifth Beatle wins IGN's Best Original Graphic Novel
A Fab Contest / Philly Signing

What a FAB start to the new year! Our tour submarine docks in Philadelphia this Saturday 1/25, with Fifth Beatle writer / producer Vivek J. Tiwary signing at Twelve Gates Arts. We've got a killer worldwide contest run by our UK friends at The Book Depository: win a limited edition signed + numbered slipcase of The Fifth Beatle, exclusive print, signed script, rare "white album" promo and more-- signed by Vivek, Andrew Cartwright Robinson & Kyle Baker!  Full details and enter to win at  The Book Depository   by answering a Brian Epstein question!

Thanks to magnanimous mavens in the media, we've rocked more Best of 2013 accolades (see below for soundbites): Fifth Beatle made Hollywood Reporter's "Top Comics of 2013" list and we're thrilled to announce that not only did Fifth Beatle get a 10/10 rave review on IGN.com but the same geektastic site bequeathed upon us the honor of "Best Original Graphic Novel 2013." Ecstatic and humbled we are.

And the spotlight shines on: India West featured Fifth Beatle, and Vivek Tiwary was quoted in US News & World Report's special feature "What the Beatles Meant to America," 

In case you haven't read the graphic novel yet, hit your local book / comics store, or order online! Here is a free   8pg preview   and the Fifth Beatle video trailer .

FIFTH BEATLE gets 10/10 review in IGN.com and "IGN's Best Graphic Novel of 2013"
"Writer Vivek J. Tiwary successfully captured the turmoil and triumphs of Epstein’s too-brief life, while artists Andrew Cartwright Robinson and Kyle Baker produced artwork worthy of the Beatles. All this is a handsomely crafted hardcover for only $20? [*only $15.32 at Amazon] How could it not be the best of the year?"

Vivek Tiwary in US News & World Report:  "When they came to the United States, it was at a period where JFK had just been assassinated and the world was in turmoil. He [Epstein] saw in the band a global message of love, that if packaged properly would be embraced everywhere. Certainly it was, but when it came to the U.S., it was particularly needed. The U.S. needed some comfort and love and that’s what the Beatles represented.”

"Heartbreaking, exhilarating and unexpected no matter your love of Beatles lore, The Fifth Beatle is a complete triumph." -- The Hollywood Reporter picks Fifth Beatle as one of its "Top Comics of 2013"

Thanks for the support!
The Fifth Beatle Team

THE FIFTH BEATLE is a graphic novel and feature film recounting the untold true story of Brian Epstein, the brilliant visionary who discovered the Beatles in a cellar in Liverpool, nurtured, protected, and guided them to international stardom, and died extremely successful and painfully lonely at the young age of 32.  Read more at  www.thefifthbeatle.com/story.

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