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Sneak preview of Paul's new (untitled) album, featuring Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, David Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic
Macca Report Exclusive!!!
by Jorie Gracen
April 11, 2013

This is an anonymous post on a music site from a person (Concord Music Group employee or music critic?) who was given a preview of the tracks from Paul's upcoming album... Note that "Hosanna" is a song that has been rumored to be on Paul's next album. The album will probably be 12 songs with 3 bonus cuts...
"Got a nice surprise yesterday when I visited the main office in Beverly Hills. They were allowing previews of albums possibly slated for the 3rd or 4th quarter of the year. I didn't have much time but I decided to listen to the tracks from the upcoming McCartney album...as of yet nameless. No cell phones or recording devices were allowed in the room but I was able to take some notes on the songs. There were 15 songs at this point but it is unknown how many will actually make the CD...."

01. "Loving You" - a piano ballad obviously about Nancy. Very touching lyrics "loving you is easy because of the way you make me feel". Ranks right up there with his piano love songs with some "Maybe I'm Amazed" like vocals as the song builds toward the end.
02. "Hosanna" - This is a beautiful acoustic ballad. Just a complete performance that wouldn't be out of place on McCartney or Ram lp's. This will undoubtedly be the first single. Produced by Mark Ronson.
03. "Eye Of The Storm"- an up tempo rocker with Bruce Springsteen on backing vocals and guitar. Never thought in a million years that I would like the combination of the two super stars but the song was amazing.
04. "Down the Road"- another rocker! It's very catchy with the Nirvana boys repaying the favor. David Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic. If you like "Cut me some slack" then you'll love this one..hard driving rocker with a ripping vocal from Paul.
05. "Come With Me"- a heavy bass driven track. It seems that Mark Ronson and Paul were playing with some hip hop influenced beats. Weird combination for this mid tempo song but it strangely works.
06. "Life Of A Party Girl"- A song written during the Ronson sessions...Most definitely a b-side. Not a bad song but when placed along side the stronger songs, it does not measure up in my opinion.
07. "A Sparrow's Song" - another acoustic track with some very clever lyrics. Starts the song where you think he's talking about a bird but by the end of the song you find that it is about a young girl who has had some tough breaks in her life but over comes them.
08. "Sting of My Tears"- another rocker of a romance gone wrong, possibly about Heather . He sings "and all the times you mistreated me through the years does not lessen the sting of my tears" Great lead guitar part by Paul.
09. "Blue Skies" - This is a mid tempo love song...he says "in the reflection in your eyes I see nothing but blue skies. Not a bad song but not one of the stronger ones.
10. "Little Girl"- although her name is not mentioned, this one sounds like a song about his Beatrice as he talks about her growing before his eyes and his love for her. Very touching personal song.
11. "I Believe" - another one that sounds like experimenting with a hip hop influenced sounds but sounds very current. Surprisingly good. Mark Ronson track.
12. "All Of My Life"- another piano ballad...simply gorgeous song with a nice string quartet arrangement and a beautiful slide guitar by Eric Clapton.
13. "Blindside"- an up tempo 6 1/2 minute rocking instrumental with Paul on lead guitar, bass, drums and piano.
14. "Sunny Day"- a fun mid tempo acoustic song about enjoying a sunny day.
15. "April Fool's Day" - this one reminds me of Mr Bellamy and English Tea...a very weird piano riff with extremely quirky but smart lyrics. This one shows Paul's sense of humor. He says "I am sorry to say that it's just a belated April Fool's Day."

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