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JULIAN LENNON : For my birthday, I'd love for you to...‏

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For my birthday, I'd love for you to... think about The White Feather Foundation
Dear Fans, Friends and Family,
Every year we grow a little older together. There's a celebration with gifts and laughter - you all contribute to it being something to remember. This year, if I may, I'd like to suggest that we turn our attention to the White Feather Foundation.
It's a small charity, with a big heart and we try to select the right causes for the right reasons. It doesn't matter which project needs help, where they come from or what they've had in the past, it's about helping make one more thing right.
So, rather than sending me a gift on my Birthday this year I'd like to ask you to help our Foundation do what it does best: acknowledging hardships and harsh realities for those in need and helping them.
If you'd consider donating, please Click Here
It would mean a lot, too, if you would share this email with a friend or pass on the link for our website -
Yours Sincerely,
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    The Mission:
    The White Feather Foundation embraces environmental and humanitarian issues and in conjunction with partners from around the world, helps to raise funds for the betterment of all life and honours those who have truly made a difference.

    How It All Started:
    Julian has been focusing on ways that we can all make a difference in what has become a rather sensitively-balanced world.
    Symbolically, a white feather has personal meaning for Julian and therefore it became a natural name for his new Foundation – The White Feather Foundation.