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New graphic novel published about the life of John Lennon

New graphic novel published about the life of John Lennon

Artist Thom Donovan is proud to announce the release of his first graphic novel about the life of John Lennon.


PRLog (Press Release) - Apr. 3, 2013 - BOSTON -- Thom Donovan of Boston, MA, has just released Lennon at Sea, the first of many graphic novels he will be producing for later publication about the life and music of former Beatle John Lennon.

Lennon at Sea is the illustrated story of John Lennon's private life and focusing on his dramatic sea voyage to Bermuda in June, 1980. His 2 month visit there produced his last creative burst of music that surfaced on 'Double Fantasy' and 'Milk & Honey' LPs.  The 60 page book includes original artwork, rare photos, maps & documentation of Lennon's recordings during this period.

“This book is a work-in-progress,” says Thom Donovan. “A longer, more in-depth story is being developed, with hopes of being made into an animated film.” 

Thom has sketched out over 400 pages that involve much more personal detail and anecdotal stories for future publication.  While most of the content is entirely unique and fresh information, even for the most die-hard Beatles and Lennon fans, much of the storyline is based on Fred Seaman's book'The Last Days of John Lennon' – a friend of Donovan’s.

Thom Donovan is a 57-year old multi-media artist living in Boston. He has studied at art schools in Philadelphia, New Hampshire, San Francisco, San Miguel, Mexico and Boston, majoring in children's illustration, photography, book and graphic design, art history, video & live performance. He’s been doing freelance illustration, commercial storyboards, art direction for magazines and publications, t-shirt and greeting card design since the 1970s.

For more information and ordering, go to:

'Lennon at Sea' by Thom Donovan
'Lennon at Sea' by Thom Donovan

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