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Ebony & Ivory - Mexico City (Sound Check) - May/27/2010

Sir Paul McCartney performing free concert

Sir Paul McCartney performing free concert

By Anthony Lund on 28/04/2012
The former Beatle is playing a live show in Mexico City for free.
Paul McCartne
The former Beatle is playing a live show in Mexico City for free.
Sir Paul McCartney will be playing a special free concert in Mexico City to show his thanks for the years of support the country has shown him.
The ex-Beatle has already booked two dates in Guadalajara and Mexico City in May as part of his tour of South America and the special third concert has been added on 10th May.
The gig will take place at the Zócalo free of charge to all who attend.
In a statement about the event, McCartney said, “Thanks to the Mayor and the people of Mexico for making this beautiful site available for our show. Also thanks to the sponsors and promoters who made this possible. We're really excited to play this one-off event - we're ready to rock!"

The Beatles Something Estudio Demo Concert for George

Paul McCartney ofrecerá un concierto gratuito en el Zócalo capitalino

Paul McCartney Concierto Gratuito 10 Mayo 2012 Zócalo Ciudad de México DF

Paul McCartney México 2012 promocional

Paul McCartney - On the run - Guadalajara 5 de mayo - Promo

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Most Memorable Live Gigs
My Favorite Concert: Readers' Most Memorable Live Gigs
From Bruce Springsteen to Radiohead, the concerts that made a lasting impression

7. Paul McCartney

paul mccartney
Kevin Mazur/MPL/WireImage for MPL

Beatles' First American Show Coming to Theaters

Beatles' First American Show Coming to Theaters

'The Lost Concert' will include full gig and documentary
APRIL 25, 2012
The Beatles' first full concert in the United States at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, D.C. will be screened in movie theaters next month, Deadline Hollywood reports. The Beatles: The Lost Concert will be shown in a limited engagement at theaters across the United States on May 17th and 22nd, with a special premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan on May 6th.
The concert film will be proceeded by a documentary on the early rise of Beatlemania in the United States. This portion of the movie will feature new interviews with concert attendees, journalists, historians, assorted Beatles associates and contemporary stars such as Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Chuck Berry, Mark Ronson and Strokes members Albert Hammond Jr. and Nick Valensi.
The Beatles perform at the Washington Coliseum in Washington, DC.
Rowland Scherman/Getty Images

thenewno2 NEWS

Beatles Blog
AND, thenewno2 announces the release of their second full-length album, thefearofmissingout, on July 31 via H.O.T. Records Ltd. The album was produced by pHd, the moniker for band members and Grammy Award winners Dhani Harrison and Paul Hicks, and recorded in both Los Angeles and London. 

Following their debut album You Are Here (2009), primarily written and recorded by Harrisonthefearofmissingout is the first recording as a band featuring Harrison, Hicks, Jonathan Sadoff, Jeremy Faccone, Nick Fyffe and Frank Zummo.

Employing a combination of live and programmed instruments and adding in obscure samples to create an intricate collage of electronica sounds, the sonic textures in thefearofmissingout were enhanced by Harrison as well as guest vocalists RZA, Ben Harper, The Black Knights, Throunn Antonia (Fields, Beck's Record Club) and Holly Marilyn (The Child).

The fear of missing out is the title and driving concept behind the album. To Harrison, everything in life boils down to FOMO. "Everyone suffers from it in a different way," he says. "We all have a fear of missing out on something." The result is an album with a multitude of themes, including avoiding change and of course fear.

Combining their inventive sounds with creative visuals, thenewno2 recruited notable London street artist Ben Eine to design the album art for the new project. Known for his prolific typography in his own trademark colors, Eine reached international fame when David Cameron presented one of his works to President Obama as a gift on his first official state visit.

thenewno2 have confirmed a performance at Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago (Date TBA) (Who wants a lovely house guest for this!? I'd love to see him in performance) and will announce a full tour soon. For more info on Lollapalooza visit

The Artists Who Influenced Gaga

Get More: Music News

Paul McCartney sees wealth soar by a third thanks to new wife

Paul McCartney sees wealth soar by a third thanks to new wife

Sir Paul McCartney, already one of the world’s richest musicians, increased his wealth by almost a third last year, thanks to his new wife.

By Anita Singh
25 Apr 2012
Nancy Shevell brought a £150 million fortune to the marriage when the couple wed in October 2011. That is the value of her share in New England Motor Freight, the family haulage business in the United States led by her father. She is vice-president.
As a result, Sir Paul leapfrogged Lord Lloyd-Webber to reach third place on the Sunday Times Rich List of Music Millionaires, with his wealth rising from £495 million to £665 million in the past year.
In addition to Miss Shevell’s money, Sir Paul made £20 million through touring and album sales, according to the list.
The 69 year-old married the US heiress, his third wife, at Marylebone Register Office in London. It was there that he also wed his first wife, Linda Eastman, who died in 1998. His marriage to wife number two, Heather Mills, lasted from 2002 to 2008, and the divorce cost him £24.3 million.
The widow of fellow Beatle George Harrison, Olivia, and their son, Dhani, with a joint fortune of £180 million, were 13th on the list.
Ringo Starr, who reportedly has £160 million, was 18th.
The number one spot on the list was retained by Clive Calder, the music industry tycoon, with £1.35 billion — a fortune made from the sale of his Zomba record label to BMG in 2002.
Sir Cameron Mackintosh, the theatrical producer, was in second place with £725 million, up from £675 million on the 2011 list.
Lord Lloyd-Webber was fourth with £590 million, down from £680 million. Simon Cowell, the television producer, reached number seven, with £225 million.
Also on the list were David and Victoria Beckham, who made £25 million last year, raising their fortune to £190 million.
The founder of Spotify, the online music streaming service, was the highest new entry on the Music Millionaires’ Rich List, with a personal fortune of £190 million.
Daniel Ek was in joint 10th place on the Sunday Times list with Sir Mick Jagger. While it has taken the Rolling Stone, 68, a lifetime to amass such wealth, Mr Ek has managed it by the age of 29.
The Swedish entrepreneur founded Spotify in 2006 and it now has three million paying subscribers, having launched in the United States last year and announced a partnership with Facebook.
Users have access to millions of songs – according to the company, the catalogue is so vast it would take 80 years of non-stop listening to get through it all. Around 10,000 tracks are added each day.
The business is valued at £1.2 billion and Mr Ek’s stake is worth £190 million — equivalent to the joint fortune of David and Victoria Beckham.
He was included on the list because he is partly based in London. His main office is in Stockholm.
Mr Ek began developing his talents at a young age. Given his first computer at five, he was soon writing basic codes. He started his first business at 14, setting up websites.
He dropped out of an engineering degree to focus on internet start-ups and was a millionaire by 23. Forbes magazine branded him “the most important man in music”.
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell, New York City Ballet Fall Gala at the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center, 2011
Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell, New York City Ballet Fall Gala at the David Koch Theatre at Lincoln Center, 2011  Photo: WireImage



por Cecilia Diaz Moreno

de RareBeatles - Inéditos
Miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

El origen del logotipo tiene toda interesante historia detrás de él. 
En la primera foto observamos a Paul en mando de los tambores y un precario parche...
El primer logotipo un poco más profesional,  fue utilizado durante los primeros cuatro meses de 1963 y fue pintado a mano  por un liverpoolense llamado Tex O'Hara, quien se inspiró en unos garabatos esbozados por McCartney.

Estel logo, como podemos ver en las fotos, incluía antenas que sobresalía de la letra B. Estaba dibujado sobre una banda de lino blanco que recorría el parche de la batería de Ringo, por ese entonces una Premier. O' Hara hizo dos dibujos: uno con letras negras y otro con letras de color marrón; esta segunda opción para combinar los colores con el tambor de la bateria del mismo color. Pero los Beatles escogieron la de color negro. Treinta años más tarde se subastó aquél dibujo con letras marrones, como así también los bocetos preliminares.

En abril de 1963 Ringo y Brian visitaron una tienda especializada en baterías llamada Drum City.
Este negocio, propiedad de Ivor Arbiter era uno de los mejores de Londres y Ringo deseaba negociar con él la adquisición de un nuevo kit de batería a cambio del que ya tenía, que era el mismo que utilizaba tocando junto a Rory Storm and The Hurricanes,  una Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Kit de 1960. La idea era no gastar tanto dinero, o nada de dinero si esto era posible. Como vemos en las fotos adjuntas, anteriormente tenían un logo bastante precario, con un papel pegado!!
El dueño de la tienda aceptó la propuesta de Ringo y Brian a cambio de que en el bombo apareciera un sticker con el logo de la marca de la batería y de la tienda que la distribuía en la capital inglesa: Ludwig y Drum City.
Brian, astutamente aceptó el trato y negoció con Arbiter  y además incluyó  el nombre del grupo, tema que al principio a Arbiter no le gustó mucho,  pero que finalmente aceptó.
Epstein estableció los requerimientos para el diseño del logo Beatle: sencillo y de tipografía elegante que hiciera énfasis en la palabra Beat.

Con esto en mente Arbiter garabateó rápidamente un par de roughs, en uno de ellos resolvió el segundo requerimiento de Brian: aislar Beat mediante una "B" mas grande y elongando el pie de la letra "T" Esta es la razón por la cual la pata de la letra "T" es mas larga con respecto al resto de la tipografía que guardan sus proporciones naturales y su simetría en cuanto a su altura.

Cuando Arbiter tuvo el boceto aprobado recurrió a su rotulista de confianza, un tipo de nombre Eddie Stokes que trabajaba a una cuadras de su tienda.
Stokes se dedicaba durante sus ratos libres a rotular los parches de las baterías que Arbiter vendía así que para el sólo se trato de un trabajo más.
No se sabe con certeza cuánto modificó Eddie el dibujo que Arbiter le presentó para realizar el trabajo debido a que el mismo Stokes tiró el papel en donde se garabateó, es por eso que la creación del logo se acredita a ambos.

 Según el portal el primer parche del bombo que Los Beatles estrenaron –-después del canje con el empresario-- fue vendido en una subasta en 2009 por 72 mil libras (79 mil 920 euros).

La casa de subastas ‘The Fame Bureau’, aseguró que, Mal Evans, representante de Los Beatles regaló el parche a un empleado del transporte del equipo musical de la banda Pink Floyd.

El parche había pertenecido durante algún tiempo a Ringo Starr y tenía un precio estimado entre 77 mil 700 y 110 mil euros.
El nuevo logo Beatle fue estrenado por vez primera el dia Mayo 12 de 1963, durante las grabaciones de Thank Your Lucky Stars (en la primera presentación de fecha 17 de febrero habían utilizado el logo de las antenitas, ver fotos)
LUDWIG BLACK OYSTER PEARL, fue la batería de Ringo, luego de haber estado usando Premier. Tiene un bombo de 20", es un set pequeño, propiamente para música  jazz.
Hasta aquí llega esta simple historia poco conocida. Espero que les haya gustado la información ;)


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Florianópolis 25/04/2012 - Ram On

Florianópolis 25/04/2012 - Junior´s Farm

The Only Honorary Beatles Fan Club Member!

The Only Honorary Beatles Fan Club Member!


At the age of four Russell Jamieson was already an huge Beatles Fan!
Click the image below to read about him in issue two of Beatles Monthly.

The jacket Russell is wearing in the picture was specially decorated for him and he even had a tiny pair of Beatles boots. His story appeared in the local press and he was adopted as the youngest and only honorary member of the Beatles Fan Club. He got to meet his idols and even got tickets to watch them record Juke Box Jury at the Liverpool Empire. He was also sent a full set of Beatles autographs with a personal message for their youngest fan.

Several items from Russell's personal collection are going to be up for sale in our annual Liverpool Beatles Auction. These include his jacket, the autographs, his boots and several letters from the Fan Club, Tony Barrow and from Beatles fans who wrote to him after his appearance in Beatles Monthly Magazine.
The design on the back of the jacket.

Russell's tiny Beatles Boots

Russell today, with his jacket and autographs outside the Beatles Shop.

The jacket and autographs are being sold in one lot with an estimate of £7000 while the boots are being sold along with some of the letters from Beatles fans and are estimated at £100-£150.
The estimates on the other letters will be available in the auction catalogue, available in early August.

The auction takes place on August 25th 2012 at The Paul McCartney Auditorium at LIPA. It is organised by The Beatles Shop on Mathew Street.

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30 ROCK : the beginning of the show with Paul last night

Pre-Sale: Casa Arena Horsens, Denmark


Pre-Sale: Casa Arena Horsens, 

The Premium Member Pre-Sale tickets are now on sale for Paul's forthcoming date at Casa Arena Horsens, Denmark. Premium Members should visit the Tour Date section now to buy your tickets. 




Saturday May 5 - Estadio Omnilife Guadalajara Mexico
Tuesday May 8 - Azteca Stadium, Mexico City
Thursday May 10 -€“ The Zócalo, Mexico City

Paul McCartney has confirmed the addition of a completely free third concert to the Mexico leg of his 2012 On The Run extravaganza.

The free show will take place Thursday May 10 at 9 p.m. in The Zócalo, the main plaza in the heart of Mexico City.

The region’s primary venue for national celebration, The Zócalo has been a historic gathering place dating back to Aztec days. It has hosted everything from royal proclamations and military parades to independence ceremonies and religious events. The Zócalo has also received numerous foreign dignitaries and heads of state over the years, making it the perfect site for Paul to give the gift of a free concert to the city that made his previous visit the fastest-selling show in the country's history.

Reached for comment, Paul said, "Thanks to the Mayor and the people of Mexico for making this beautiful site available for our show. Also thanks to the sponsors and promoters who made this possible. We're really excited to play this one-off event - We're ready to rock!"

Paul previously announced stadium dates Saturday May 5 at Estadio Omnilife in Guadalajara and Tuesday May 8 at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City€” and now the free Zócalo concert - mark his first Mexican appearances since his Up And Coming Tour in 2010. The first of that tour's two shows at Mexico City's Foro Sol Stadium on May 27 2010 shattered records, as 60,000 tickets were snapped up in within mere minutes of going on sale. Sources at Ticketmaster Mexico speculated that tickets could have gone even more quickly had technology been able to keep up with overwhelming demand. A second show was added on May 28 2010 and both shows instantly became the stuff of local legend, along with Paul's 2002 three-night stand at the Palacio de los Deportes and his first visit on 1993's New World Tour, and deservedly so: It's unlikely that Mexico will ever experience such enthusiastic singalongs and impressive synchronized cigarette lighter work again - that is, until Paul returns!

Not even three months in, 2012 is already proving yet another banner year for Paul McCartney. One week in February alone saw more and greater experiences and accolades for Paul than most artists rack up in a lifetime: The same week that Paul's new Kisses On The Bottom album was released, Paul received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which finally took its rightful place alongside those of John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in front of the famed Capitol Records building. That evening Paul would perform the bulk of his new album Kisses On The Bottom in an exclusive concert streamed live on iTunes from the intimate confines of Capitol Studios and featuring a stellar ensemble anchored by Diana Krall and Joe Walsh, among others. The following evening, Paul was honored for his musical and philanthropic achievements as Person of the Year at the annual MusiCares gala fund-raiser that featured the likes of Foo Fighters, Norah Jones, Tony Bennett, Alison Krauss, Neil Young, Alicia Keys, James Taylor, Sergio Mendes, Coldplay, Duane Eddy and Katy Perry honoring Paul with interpretations of classics from his peerless catalogue - and raising a record $6.5 million-plus to provide medical care and other emergency assistance for musicians in need. Paul concluded that monumental week at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards, beginning the evening with the Band On The Run: Paul McCartney Archive Collection Deluxe Edition winning Best Historical Album, and later wowing the 39-million-strong second-largest Grammy viewership in history with both extremes of his vast musical spectrum: First with a spellbinding rendering of "My Valentine," then with a rousing Abbey Road medley finale, culminating in the most epic jam session in the history of American television, as Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl joined Paul and the band to bring the house down with a six-guitar crossfire.

And as Paul closed the Grammys with those immortal words--"And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make" - they rang true as ever as an expression of the love that Paul McCartney and his fans continue to give and receive from one another--and that Guadalajara and Mexico City will undoubtedly be sharing in abundance come this May.

Mary McCartney "Food"

My lovely daughter Mary has a great new cook book coming out. Check out the link on my website and get cooking! It's called "Food". - Paul


Mary McCartney

Published by Chatto & Windus, part of Vintage Publishing
Format: Hardback


Food is full of uncomplicated, tasty meals to tempt both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Inspired by growing up as a vegetarian and working on her mother's recipes, and using stories and photographs (past and present) to tell her life through food, Mary has created recipes for friends and family that are imaginative and creative.

Fresh, inspirational and irresistible, Mary's first cookbook will enthuse readers to bring more meat-free cooking into their repertoires. From Fruit and Nut Granola to Asparagus Tart, Mexican Bean Tortilla to Coconut Rice Pudding, Mary gives us ideas for every meal, from breakfasts to Sunday roasts, and offers new twists on old classics like pancakes, and Shepherd's Pie.

As a working mother, Mary is perfectly placed to write a contemporary vegetarian cookbook - good food, cooked well and with ease, for all the family. And as a photographer she has a unique vision - her pictures are a glorious accompaniment to her mouth-watering food.

About the Author

Mary McCartney grew up with a love for vegetarian cooking, worked with her mother on her range of vegetarian cookbooks and has been a consultant on the brand for Linda McCartney Foods for over a decade. Mary has an active role in the food development team and sees the product all the way through, from tasting and developing the samples to overseeing the images for the packaging.

Mary is also an acclaimed photographer and has shot editorial and campaigns around the world for clients such as HarpersVanity Fair, Mandarin Oriental, Adidas and Boucheron.

Mary's photography book,From Where I Stand, a retrospective look at her photographic work to date, was published in 2010.

What the critics say

Mary's book combines smart, achievable recipes with her own gorgeous food photography. I think it's absolutely divine
This is a jewel of a book - gorgeous recipes that beg to be eaten!
The very best food is domestic, enriched with the love of growing, cooking and eating with family and friends. Food celebrates and inspires such meals, and photographed with Mary's intimate and elegant eye, is a delicious book

Hear the remastered "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" from the reissue of Ram

Hear the remastered "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" from the upcoming reissue of Paul and Linda McCartney's Ram

By Steven Hyden April 25, 2012
On May 22, Paul and Linda McCartney's 1971 album Ram—which belongs with George Harrison's All Things Must Pass and John Lennon's Plastic Ono Band on the shortlist of great Beatles solo records—will get the reissue treatment in a variety of formats, from single and double-disc editions to a four-disc box set that includes bonus tracks, a DVD, and a 112-page book. The music has been remastered, of course, and sounds pretty great, as you'll see from this stream of "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey." Because the best way to appreciate the majesty of recorded sound is through computer speakers.

Paul McCartney @PaulMcCartney!/PaulMcCartney

Paul McCartney 


Record Store Day 2012

In Brazil - one from the PR department...

'We had a fantastic time in Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia...' - Paul

Paul's 'Tug Of War' album was released 30 years ago today.