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Paul and Nancy in Florianopolis
April 23, 2012 -- Diario Catarinense News

Paul and Nancy in Florianopolis

Paul McCartney arrived in Hercilio Luz International Airport in Florianopolis at 4:45am Monday. Sir Paul went by car to the Ponta dos Ganchos Exclusive Resort. The secluded resort, located in a small fishing village, is 43 km from Florianopolis.

The route between the airport and the hotel was accompanied by a heavy security. Seven cars and five motorcycles accompanied the musician and his staff.

Paul McCartney closed the show in Recife at midnight, and soon after he took his private jet in the direction of Florianópolis, where does the last performance of his tour of Latin America .
Between this and the second Wednesday, the Beatle will enjoy to rest in the Santa Catarina coast. The venue is well-known celebrities. Fergie and Beyonce have also opted for the tip of Hooks Exclusive Resort to relax. The site is unobtrusive and is between a wall of green vegetation and a private beach.
Michel (?), a sort of personal assistant of Paul McCartney, who has 20 years working with the Beatles came to Brazil as soon as his schedule was set here. He visited three hotels in Florianópolis. Michel there came to the conclusion that the tip of the hooks would be the best place for Sir Macca prepare for submission to Florianópolis.
The resort's policy not to disclose nothing, absolutely nothing about their guests. However, the staff, there is a lot of nice people. One of these professionals, the report of the DC found in the street to the hotel, said, very quietly, that last Saturday the resort was all prepared to receive the star. And that was not so easy to leave the place like McCartney. The bungalow where Paul is hosted on these three days had to pass a reform to get the idol of generations. What reforms? The employee would not tell us.
In addition to Paul McCartney, the band's musicians and others who work directly with the Beatles are on the tip of the hooks. The Majestic and Sofitel, both hotels on Avenida Beira-Mar in Florianopolis, also receive the technical team working with Paul.

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