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John Lennon & Paul McCartney reunite with "Be Bop A Lula"

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On April 24, 1976, "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels made what would become a running gag on SNL with his offer of $3,000 to the Beatles to appear on the late-night comedy show. The camera then zoomed in for a close-up of a $3,000 check from NBC made payable to The Beatles. Having had no response from the Fab Four, a month later, on May 22, 1976, Michaels upped the ante to $3,200 - an extra $50 each, Michaels declared!

Paul McCartney has commented in interviews that he and John Lennon were watching the SNL broadcast from Lennon's apartment in the Dakota on the night when Michaels made his offer for the Beatles to reunite. McCartney reported that he and Lennon briefly toyed with the idea of going down to the NBC studios and taking Michaels up on the offer.

This is how I think it would have sounded if they went forward that fateful moment. 

I took John Lennon's original track from 1975's "Rock and Roll" album and Paul McCartney's live performance from the 1991 "Unplugged" bootleg. I had to speed up Paul's track to match John's as he had performed it significantly slower.

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