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New Beatles '1' CD welcome relief at Starbucks

New Beatles '1' CD welcome relief at Starbucks, also on iTunes
Shelley Germeaux, John Lennon Examiner

September 28, 2011– Beatles fans, it’s safe to go back to Starbucks for your morning coffee again. With their prominent offering of the bright red-orange CD “The Beatles ‘1’”, you will now be greeted by the upbeat strains of Love Me Do, Eight Days a Week, orTicket To Ride, and more coming through the speakers as you order your triple macchiato with extra foam. What a great way to start the day! Thank the Heavens above that the prior month of Speakeasy music from the 40s with its jazzy lounge feel is over.

The Beatles are back, thank you Starbucks. I'm gettin' my mojo back....

Digital debut on iTunes: Earlier in the month the album made its digital debut exclusively on iTunes,  debuting at #1 on several top charts around the world. Individual songs are $1.29, while the whole album is $12.49
 “1” is a collection of 27 Beatles singles released between 1963-70 that reached #1 on the UK’s Record Retailer chart and/or the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The brightly colored album with a large yellow “1” on the cover was originally released in 2000 and sold over 30 million copies. The new physical CD, while it looks the same as the original, is actually the remastered version of these songs. The complete remastered Beatles albums were released on September 9, 2009 in their famous 9-9-9 promotion, an event that Beatles fans waited on for years. But the Beatles had hesitated offering their music iTunes for quite awhile with a stiff upper lip, angering fans that wanted the Beatles to join the 21st century and get over themselves. Finally they have.

The new 2011 CD is available on Amazon for $12.49, while it is on the shelf at Starbucks for 14.95. Personally I’d rather have the physical hard copy vs. a download.  I like having the artwork and liner notes…but iTunes offers the convenience that the younger fans want.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1. Love Me Do
2. From Me to You
3. She Loves You
4. I Want to Hold Your Hand
5. Can’t Buy Me Love
6. A Hard Day’s Night
7. I Feel Fine
8. Eight Days a Week
9. Ticket to Ride
10. Help!
11. Yesterday
12. Day Tripper
13. We Can Work It Out
14. Paperback Writer
15. Yellow Submarine
16. Eleanor Rigby
17. Penny Lane
18. All You Need Is Love
19. Hello, Goodbye
20. Lady Madonna
21. Hey Jude
22. Get Back
23. The Ballad of John and Yoko
24. Something
25. Come Together
26. Let It Be
27. The Long and Winding Road
The Beatles '1' CD a refreshing addition at Starbucks and also on iTunes
The Beatles '1' CD a refreshing addition at Starbucks and also on iTunes
Credits: The Beatles

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