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Tourette del Sol: Panama, Argentina & Brazil
Written by Brian on Sep 20 2011 at 09:00 AM | Live Shows News
Dear friends, I am thrilled by the outpouring of support and flood of ideas from you on the social networking superhighways, regarding my question: "where would you like me come to play a solo show?"
As of this printing I have had 232 comments and 160 likes on my Facebook page, as well as hundreds of invites on my @brianrayguitar page at twitter… That’s astounding!
I have heard from the Netherlands, Mexico, all over the USA, Germany, Japan, the EU, Ireland and Glasgow, various cities in South America, Central America and Canada too, just to name a few glorious cities and countries. WOW..
Ok, just so you know I wasn’t expecting that and I don’t mean to tease you. I wish I COULD play everyplace on the map, that would be terrific! I only have a 2 week window for my solo shows, so I can’t do all of the fine destinations you suggested. In fact, it’s hard to plan for solo tours considering my (always exciting!) schedule, so please bear with me.
As of now, I will be playing 5 shows in South America in October with Nube 9, the phenomenal Argentinean band who backed me while on our last tour break in Buenos Aires.
Panama City, Panama
  • October 11: Latitute 47
Bella Vista, Urbanización Marbella, Calle 47 No. 25
Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • October 13: The Cavern
Paseo la Plaza - Av. Corrientes 1660 - Buenos Aires
  • October 14: Teatro General Pacheco
Santiago del Estero 185 - Gral. Pacheco, Tigre
  • October 15: The Roxy Disco
Av Casares y Av. Sarmiento, Buenos Aires
Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • October 18: Na Mata Cafe
Rua da Mata 70 - Itaim Bibi - Sao Paulo

I will announce a contest soon to win 2 tickets to each of these shows as well as a meet and greet after the set! Different names will be chosen for each show, so everyone has a chance.
Please join us there and rock with me if you can make it. And I’ll do my best to get to the rest of you in good time! Thank you again for the feedback.

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