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Mansfield residents share Beatles visit memories

LETTER: Mansfield residents share Beatles visit memories

Monday 11 January 2016

Blackpool Gazette Lost Archives
The Beatles in Blackpool 16/8/64
Blackpool Gazette Lost Archives The Beatles in Blackpool 16/8/64

I am a Manchester author who was looking for fans who witnessed the visit by The Beatles to Mansfield.

I have been overwhelmed by the response from Chad readers.

I recently called on the Chad to help track down gig goers who saw the Fab Four’s appearance at the Granada for a ‘people’s history’ of the group.

8 March 1963
Concert: The Royal Hall, Ripon Road, Harrogate, Yorkshire

The show, in March 1963 took place as The Beatles were making a name for themselves but before Beatlemania had taken hold of the nation. Helen Shapiro was top of the bill.

Amongst those who contacted me were Colin Kirk who remembers: “I went to the show with my workmates, who were all in the building trade. We went to the 8.30 show, which gave us time to get home from work, get ready and meet in

The Eclipse, the pub opposite the Granada in Westgate. It was very crowded outside the cinema, with people waiting to get in for the second show and a lot of people who did not get tickets just there to soak up the atmosphere. I can remember watching the Beatles. You could hardly hear them singing, with the girls screaming their heads off, but it was a great performance.”

Des Turner recalls: “The Beatles at that time had only been booked as a support act to Helen Shapiro. Even so, their performance was rapturous, and the crowd noise deafening.”

Kate Drake was also there and said: “The Beatles played way more than they were going to – and we were hooked. They looked so different in their smart black collarless jackets – and pudding basin haircuts. I don’t remember screaming but they certainly gave me goosebumps.”

These Beatle memories are a fantastic insight into the past and I’m delighted to have received so many stories. I’ve now received more than 300 stories from around the world and these will be appearing in print, along with any others I receive, later in 2016.

I am the author of You Had To Be There: The Rolling Stones Live 1962-69 , which is available from.gottahavebooks.co.uk

You can still share your Beatle memories with me at:

thebeatlesinthe60s@gmail.com or write to 7 Hartley Road, Manchester, M21 9NG.

Richard Houghton

By email

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