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Unhappy McCartney customers
Unhappy McCartney customers
Posted by Roger Stormo
Monday, October 05, 2015

From the super deluxe edition "Tug of War"

Paul McCartney's newest Archives releases, "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace" have hit record stores and all's fine. Not quite. People all over the world, mainly in Europe, are complaining that their Macca pre-orders have not arrived, and the company dealing with them, King's Road, are not answering e-mails or phone calls, one customer informed Wogblog.

Super DeLuxe edition "Tug of War"

People have pre-ordered as long ago as 30th July, and paid in full at the time, but so far have not received any updates on their orders. And the company is not responding to e-mails or calls. They are the only company dealing with the Super Deluxe Edition of "Tug of War". In many ways, this is exactly how orders received through the artist's chosen business partners go. Professional online stores like Amazon deliver as quickly as stock gets in, but with these other operators, things don't ever run so smoothly.

Still, a customer from Bristol managed to get through to King's Road on the phone, Friday. He spoke to a person who said they are 'wrapping up the orders' (ie packaging them) at the moment.

She also said that as they have had so many McCartney orders, there may be a delay in issuing the shipping notification. One should think that they might have counted the pre-orders and started packing the items a little earlier than that.

The pictures from the package in this blog post were posted on the Steve Hoffman music corner forum by one happy customer, who had received his package.

There are a few mistakes in the books, which shouldn't have slipped by, if knowledgeable proof readers had been employed. At one point, Lennon's death is being mentioned as 1981, and elsewhere it's said that "Tug of War" was the first collaboration of George Martin and McCartney since The Beatles. As we know, George Martin wrote the orchestral arrangements for the McCartneys' "Ram" album (recorded by the New York Philharmonics), and also the arrangement for "Live and Let Die".

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