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Paul explains lyric from Tug of War song



You Gave Me The Answer - Kate from the 

UK asks…

You Gave Me The Answer - Kate from the UK asks…
The last few weeks have been about all things Tug of War and Pipes of Peace following 
their reissue at the start of the month. We worked with The Guardian newspaper to bring 
you a series of mini documentaries – ‘From the Archives’ - exploring the relationships 
between Paul and key players of both albums.

‘Here Today’ - one of the most loved tracks from Tug of War – is a song dedicated to 
Paul’s friend John Lennon, written shortly after John passed away.  The lyrics have long 
evoked emotion and interest from fans over the years, so we thought the timing 
appropriate for Kate from the UK’s question,

“In the song ‘Here Today’ you say, ‘What about the night we cried’. Can you tell us 
anymore about that story?”

We managed to catch up with Paul just before he travelled to North America to finish the 
most recent leg of his ‘Out There’ tour,

“Thanks for your question, Kate. Well we were in Key West with The Beatles and we had 
been diverted there because there was a hurricane at Jacksonville, where we were 
supposed to play. So we had to take a couple of days off while the hurricane passed. 
We ended up in Key West, which at that time was sort of like the ends of the earth! I 
understand now it’s all very built up and it’s a bit like Miami. But back then, there were 
just a couple of huts there – and we were in one of them! We had a drunken night where 
we sang and talked and cried, at one point. All four of us.”

‘From the Archives: Here Today’ focuses specifically on the track, which features a live 
performance of the song and an interview of Paul reflecting on his friendship with John. 
Check out the video below…

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