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Fake Madrid concert circulating
Fake Madrid concert circulating
Posted by Roger Stormo
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The 50th anniversary of The Beatles' concert in Madrid will be celebrated where it happened.

In the aftermath of the news story about a hitherto unknown professional recording of The Beatles' concert in Madrid July 2, 1965, someone has put together a fake presentation of the concert. The set list from Madrid has been replicated by putting together the same songs in the same order, but the performances are from other locations. The fake Madrid concert has been circulating on social media networks, and as a podcast.

Meanwhile back in Spain, British Beatles cover band "The Bootleg Beatles" have been hired to recreate the set list and then some for a 50th anniversary of the concert - at the same date and the same venue as the fabulous foursome. There are several Beatles fan clubs in Spain.

After Madrid, the Beatles travelled to Barcelona. The police and the authorities were much more friendly than in the capital, and the final concert on the European tour saw a packed bullring, "Plaza de Toros Monumental". Still, Paul McCartney wasn't all happy about it: "I remember playing a big bullring in Barcelona, the Plaza de Toros, where the Lord Mayor had great seats and all the rich people had seats but the kids, our real audience, were outside. We used to get upset about that: 'Why are we playing to all these bloody officials? We should be playing to the people outside. Let them in...' But of course they wouldn't." From The Beatles' Anthology.

Incredibly, the Beatles' concert in Barcelona was also captured on tape, a soundboard tape is said to exist, but it has not been bootlegged so far and is not circulating among collectors. The set list is the same as in Madrid.


Fake bootleg?

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