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Ringo Starr completes a busy year with his All-Starr Band
‘Oh, it’s not going to end!’: The Beatles’ Ringo Starr completes a busy year with his All-Starr Band
by Something Else!
December 29, 2013

Ringo Starr said he hoped to power down the All-Starr Band caravan for a bit in 2013, taking a rare summer off. But he ended up touring from February through March and then from October through November anyway.

That’s a testament both to the chemistry that existed with this particular lineup of the group, which saw Gregg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather and others make their debut in the summer of 2012 — but also to a work ethic that’s served Starr well since he began this guest-packed concert series back in 1989.

“It is work; we’re working — this is our job,” Starr says. “The thing is, I do it in luxury. I do it when I want to.”

Starr celebrated his 72nd birthday on the road with the latest edition of the All-Starr Band, at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter and Gary Wright headlined the 2010-11 lineup. Richard Page and Gregg Bissonette have been part of both recent groups.

As for how the former Beatles drummer keeps such an active touring schedule after all these years, Starr says he’s come to understand the process.

“There’s three stages to being on the road — ‘Wow, we’re on the road!,’ ‘Oh, God, I’m on the road,’ and ‘Oh, it’s not going to end!’ Those are the three stages you go through, and then you have a break, and I feel like: ‘Hey, let’s go.’”

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