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Garage Sale Beatles 45′s
Garage Sale Beatles 45′s
by beatlesblogger
September 19, 2013

It's not often you see 7-inch, 45rpm Beatles vinyl for sale at garage sales anymore. There are occasionally one or two, but they are now getting few and far between.

That's why I was surprised this week when I asked after records at a local garage sale and the guy went into his house and brought out crate after crate of the small, vinyl gems. He had literally hundreds of 45's - all pop and rock artists ranging from the 60s, 70's and 80's.
It took me quite a while to look through them but the task produced a couple of gems. Some I already have, but others I didn't have in my collection - so it was very worthwhile.

Here's what came out of crates (in release date chronological order). First up, an Extended Play - four songs - from A Hard Day's Night (1964):

AHDN front

AHDN rear

A Hard Day's Night 1964

Then came a copy of the Beatles Rock and Roll Music single (1965):

Rock and Roll Music 1965

These next few have the release date displayed on the label:

Happy Xmas 1971

Give Me Love 1973

Letting Go 1975

Mull of Kintyre 1977

Coming Up 1980

This next one, Yoko Ono's Walking on Thin Ice (1981) comes in a picture cover:

Walking Front

Walking rear

Walking 1981

Ebony and Ivory 1982

Say Say Say 1983

All the above are Australian pressings (except the John and Yoko Happy Xmas which is British). There was though one odd item in the crates. It was just the sleeve (no record inside unfortunately) of a French EP from 1964 with four songs:

Les Beatles 1964

Les Beatles rear

I'll keep it - in the hope of finding the correct record to go inside it one day....

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