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Pete Townshend at the TEC Awards (with Paul McCartney in video)

Publicado el 26/01/2013
by HarmonyCentral
The TEC Awards honor technical excellence and creativity. Also, every year they honor someone of exceptional merit with the Les Paul Award. This year, the honor went to Pete Townshend. This video shows excerpts from the 2013 awards ceremony, with host John Sebastian and celebrities such as Eric Burdon, Julia Fordham, Laurence Juber, Narada Michael Walden, and of course, Pete Townshend.

The TEC foundation endows scholarships, presents its own scholarships, and supports organizations dedicated to educating the public and professionals about hearing loss. Founded in 1990, the TEC foundation has contributed over $500,000 to these causes.

To learn more about the TEC Foundation and support its work, please go to http://tecfoundation.com

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