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Paul McCartney doubles his earnings


Paul McCartney doubles his earnings

Published: 23rd December 2011

PAUL McCartney can nearly afford to do a weekly food shop at Marks & Spencer now.

The former Beatle has almost doubled his earnings in the past year. His income for 2011 is £29million, compared to £16.4million in 2010.
The singer's company made a pre-tax profit of £12.8million, up by more than £9million from the year before.
Even though he earned a fair whack more this year, Macca hasn't been splashing the cash.
Company reports show he paid himself an income of just £1million this year, compared with £6.7million of salary and dividend payments in 2010.
A source said: "Macca must have picked up a few lucky coins in the past couple of years.
"Not only has he got married to a lovely lady, he's also had a hugely successful world tour and brought out another album."
With an album out in February next year, don't be surprised if his earnings shoot up further.
Top of his shopping list will be some practical footwear to prevent him from falling off stage again.

In the money ... Paul McCartney
In the money ... Paul McCartney

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