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London Reviews

Reviews round-up, The O2
The Times
He can pretty much pick any song and you're overjoyed to hear it.
5 stars
The Times, p2 leader
Paul McCartney's tour is the chance to witness a genius.
The concert was a triumphant reminder that age does not diminish the songs.  
'Hey Jude' with Paul McCartney at a pub piano, should be the new national anthem.
Daily Telegraph
Perhaps the highest praise one could give Sir Paul McCartney is that 41 years after the Beatles split up, his star still refuses to diminish.
At London's O2 Arena he showed how he does it, with a twinkling greatest hits set which exhibited his unique ability to bring people together.
4 stars
The Guardian
Genius does not normally come in such genial packages, but genius it undoubtedly is: 'The Long and Winding Road' remains an exquisite meditation on mortality, and you could hear a pin drop during a breathtaking a cappella 'Blackbird'.
5 stars
The Independent
A few months off 70, he is a phenomenon.  He looks and sounds remarkable, and the energy levels are boundless
5 stars
Financial Times
It was a marathon set lasting 160 minutes but it didn't sag.  His touring band, with him since 2002, was stripped-back and focused.
His guitar solos were superb: he appears to be reinventing himself as an axe hero in his dotage.
4 stars
Evening Standard
But the big announcement was saved for the encore, when Macca introduced Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood for a riotous 'Get Back'  It was the icing on the cake of a near-perfact gig.  Walk out?  I would have stayed all night.
4 stars
The Sun
You can count on one hand the artists who could play three hours of material without a single duff note.  Paul McCartney is one of them.  He had The O2 hanging on his every word, as he always does, with an epic 35-song set last night.
The Mirror
Kudos to Macca, who was the last one standing after performing an energetic three-hour set, without even having a break for water.
Daily Star
Sir Macca: The most famous musician on the planet - and still the best.
Daily Express
A runaway triump...Macca's back on stage.
The former Beatle was greeted with a standing ovation from the 19,000-strong crowd when he bounced on stage at the O2 Arena in London and launched a three-hour non-stop performance.

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