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Brian Ray Newsletter
2011 year end newsletter
This year has been astoundingly fun.. I have seen so many great cities and so many wonderful faces while On The Run this year with Paul and the guys, finding Paul in stunning form. 

I took a big chance in booking my first ever solo tour, my Tourette del Sol in Central and South America. The people who joined me there showed me the best time ever, on fun nights while working our tails off together.. It couldn’t have been more satisfying.

It was a risky, challenging move.. Being up on stage in foreign continents, was thrilling beyond words and made all the more delicious when I witnessed people who barely spoke a word of English, half a world away, singing the words to my songs in the clubs and theaters we played…Holding up signs with the lyrics on them and smiling like the South American sun.. truly a memory which will last forever.

I am struck again and again with the mind-blowing notion that music unites us all in a way that I never felt so deeply as I did in this last year. Whether watching fans sing my lyrics, or Paul’s incredible fans crying while singing his beautiful music, I see that emotions and humor travel at the speed of light. We have a visceral, almost involuntary response to music.

I feel so blessed and thankful to the fans and friends who show us the love they feel for the music we share. I am blessed to have the intense, undying support of so many of you for my solo music and videos, your feedback is my nourishment, my payment for the years I have spent doing what I love, Without you, there is no music, without you, no me…

I love you all, thanks for the best year EVER!

Here, for your enjoyment is my free download, mp3 file for the single edit of, “Very Happy Song” (#occupy mix) featuring an acoustic intro from an interview in 2009, and Charlie Chaplin’s speech from “The Great Dictator”.. relevant to the days we live in.

Download Very Happy Song

Please enjoy, and share. Happy Holidays to you all,
© Brian Ray 

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