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Making Rain: Prepare Like The Beatles

Making Rain: Prepare Like The Beatles
What are you working on now to make yourself a more valuable lawyer to your clients?
Apr 20, 2018

Ed. note: This is the latest installment in a series of posts from Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Cordell Parvin is a Senior Director based in the Dallas, Texas office. He specializes in partner and group placements. Cordell’s experience and his contacts are unique. He built a vast network of partners and law firm leaders in top US and Canadian Law Firms during his 12 years coaching lawyers on career and client development. Prior to coaching and recruiting lawyers, Cordell built a national construction law practice at an Am Law 100 law firm. Cordell is a well-known speaker, writer and blogger on career development and client development. He has made presentations to law firms and bar associations throughout the US and Canada. Cordell has published books four books on career and client development and wrote a column Practical Success for the Practical Lawyer, and regularly writes on career and client development on his blog: https://www.cordellblog.com.
Last month, I started my third career as a Senior Director at Lateral Link and discovered just how much I have to learn. I am at the moment the oldest, but least experienced, legal recruiter in the firm.
I’ve been asked why I am starting my legal recruiting career. The answer is pretty simple: I will continue to have the opportunity to help lawyers and law firms in the United States and Canada.
My new business email is cparvin@laterallink.com. Please feel free to use that email to reach out to me.
Since I’m a beginner again, I thought about the Beatles. I was in high school when the Beatles arrived in America from Liverpool.  Many people thought then, and some think now, that the Beatles became an overnight sensation. Few know the effort they made before arriving in America.
Some time ago, Seth Godin wrote a Blog titled: “When did the Beatles Become THE Beatles?”
Malcolm Gladwell discussed how the Beatles became successful in his book “Outliers,” and talked about the Beatles in a short video that will help you grasp the point.
Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell describe that at the beginning, the Beatles were playing two or three long sets a day in a Hamburg club, making a few pounds if they were lucky. The Beatles worked on their music in these clubs for years.
What are you working on now to make yourself a more valuable lawyer to your clients?
Godin says that as the Beatles got more traction, they were marketing in every direction.
After you have done your homework, you can work at becoming visible by writing for industry publications and speaking to as many industry groups as possible. Before you get there, consider writing for and speaking to Bar groups. Even though you are not likely to be hired by competing lawyers, this stage will provide opportunities to become a more effective writer and presenter.
Seth Godin says the transition stage was brief, but essential. When people started noticing them, the Beatles didn’t stop marketing. Instead, they poured it on. At this point, they shifted from being the chasers into being the chased.
During the transition stage, organizations notice you and ask you to write for their publications or speak at their meetings. That is the time for you to “pour it on” to gain momentum. Nothing will feel better than when clients are seeking you out.
After all the years playing in clubs and developing their skills, the Beatles came to America. Seth Godin says that many reach this stage and stop.
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When you feel you have “arrived,” have some healthy paranoia. That means continuing to learn, continuing to figure out what impacts your clients and writing and speaking on those subjects. It also means continuing to focus on building relationships with each of your clients and becoming their trusted advisor.
At this stage, the Beatles became THE Beatles and you will become THE Rainmaker, and hopefully, I will become THE Recruiter.

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