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The night the Beatles came to town

The night the Beatles came to town
Paul Fraser
Feb 6 2018

Experience the thrill of Beatlemania with this extraordinary relic

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It’s just after midnight. September 6, 1964.

And such is the pandemonium at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport...

…It’s as though four Martians have just landed.

Not the scary Martians of comic books, you understand.

Four handsome, guitar-playing, mop-haired Martians.

These are the kind of Martians you scream at in delight, not fear.
  • From a land no one in Detroit has ever seen
  • Speaking in accents no one in Detroit has ever heard
  • Playing music no one has played before
3,000 girls surge towards the plane. All in the hope of seeing, hearing, touching these extraordinary creatures.

The 100-strong police detail are shocked by the girls’ behaviour. But the Beatles aren’t. They’re in the middle of their manic first US tour. 32 shows in 24 cities in 33 days.

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An hour later…

And the Beatles are in their room at a secret location, Detroit’s swish Whittier Hotel.

The Beatles slept on the top floor of the Whittier Hotel

Executive suite 1566.


Just four hours ago they left the stage in Chicago.

Now the Beatles sleep.

But not for long.

Word soon spreads.

And by the morning, the pandemonium begins again.

1,000s of teenagers cram outside the hotel. 

The police turn away traffic. No one is allowed in or out of the Whittier.

Everyone already inside the hotel makes it their business to head to suite 1566.

All wanting to see a Beatle. Shake hands with a Beatle. Talk to a Beatle.

And then, just after 1pm, it’s time. The Beatles take the back exit to their four waiting limos.

Their destination?

Olympia Stadium.

Paul heading to Olympia Stadium from the Whittier Hotel

If the airport and hotel were crazy, this is something else. 

Outside the stadium, thousands of fans push and shove for a sight of the cars.

Inside, 15,000 teenage girls are feverish. Waiting.

At last, just after 2pm, local DJ Bob Green announces simply: “The Beatles”.

The band take to the stage. And to deafening screams, fainting and crying, they play Twist and Shout.

Watch the Beatles play at Detroit's Olympia Stadium in 1964 - and listen to those screams
No one can hear the music. But that doesn’t seem to bother the audience.

Then the jelly beans start. Throwing jelly beans onto the stage was the thing to do at Beatles concerts in 1964. Especially ones you had sucked first.

Barbara Harrell was there: "I remember a girl fainting and all the screaming. I can now describe it all as ‘surreal’… like I was almost dreaming it. I was 8 and it’s one of the best things I can ever say I’ve gotten to do in my life."

The Beatles dodging the jelly babies at Olympia Stadium

And then, after 25 minutes and 12 songs - it’s over.

Straight into the press conference.

Reporter: How do you like Detroit so far? 

George: Great

Paul: What we’ve seen of it

Reporter: Ringo, are you engaged? 

Ringo: No, I’m not engaged

The Beatles at the press conference between shows in Detroit

You can listen to the whole press conference here (it’s actually a lot of fun).

A bite to eat. A few cigarettes.

And then it’s time for the 6pm show. A repeat of the 2pm.

And then? 

And then the band are gone.

Paul waves to fans at the end of the concert

Whisked away from the stadium as quickly as they arrived.

Back to the airport. Back on the plane.

And at just after midnight on September 7, 1964 they touch down at Toronto International.

10,000 screaming teenagers are there to greet them at the airport.

It’s as though four Martians have just landed…

But back in Detroit, the city is bereft. 

Beatlemania has swept through the city. Yet now the party has ended.

But two TV employees have had an idea.

Richy Victor and Larry Einhorn have struck a deal with the Whittier Hotel.

To buy the bed linen the band slept in.

“We told the Whittier to plug the rooms up as soon as the Beatles left, seal ‘em up like a murder scene,” remembered Victor.

And here’s where things get exciting for you: 

Today you can relive Beatlemania.

By owning a piece of the day the Beatles cast a spell on Detroit.

Because today I’m offering you the opportunity to own four pieces of that bed linen from the Whittier Hotel…

…each slept on by one of the Beatles.

A remarkable piece of Beatlemania history - yours to own today if you're fast 

The set of four square pieces of 1/2cm x 1/2cm white linen is presented on a superb display card – perfect for framing.

And it is:  

100% Guaranteed Authentic

The four squares come with a document of authenticity from the hotel's managing director at the time.

You also get my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity and my Certificate of Authenticity.

Yes, it’s a bit wacky, a bit kitsch. Yet it’s also a stunningly intimate piece of the Beatles story – from the height of their fame.

And it also offers you incredible value for money. 

Because unusual Beatles items are hugely popular with Beatles collectors. And they sell for big sums.
  • A brick from John Lennon's childhood home: $1,950
  • John Lennon's tooth: £23,000 ($35,340)
  • Paul McCartney's Rupert the Bear annual: £25,000 ($38,412)
Yet this set of four pieces of Beatles-used bed linen is just £595 ($825).
Act quickly

You do need to be fast.

Because I only have three sets left.

And it's first come, first served.

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We will never see the like of the Beatles again. Never see the like of Beatlemania again.

Here’s your chance to own four small pieces that connect you to the band. And that time.

Thanks for reading,


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