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FLASHBACK: Paul McCartney Makes His Live Solo Debut With Wings

 Feb 09, 1972 in Nottingham

FLASHBACK: Paul McCartney Makes His Live Solo Debut With Wings
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Feb 9, 201

It was 46 years ago today (February 9th, 1972), that Paul McCartney, along with his new band Wings, performed his first solo show at Britain’s Nottingham University. Although McCartney refused to include any Beatles numbers in the band’s set, he couldn’t resist performing the group’s longtime set-closer, a cover of Little Richard‘s “Long Tall Sally.” Incidentally, the gig was eight years to the day of the “Fab Four’s” debut in America on The Ed Sullivan Show.

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McCartney’s idea of reliving the Beatles’ early pre-fame days had actually been his idea for the group the day that John Lennon quit the group in 1969. McCartney thought it a good enough idea to revisit as the launch of Wings’ live act: “We decided to go back to square one and not form a, sort of, great big ‘supergroup’ and come out the level the Beatles were at. So, it was kinda funny looking back on it. We just stuck everything in a van — dogs, children, potty — and just went up the motorway without any bookings, without any hotels. Anyway, we found Nottingham University and went and did a gig there and (then) did a little, kind of, university tour. So from those small beginnings, we gradually formed Wings.”

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