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McCartney – Eight Coloured Vinyls Arrive

McCartney – Eight Coloured Vinyls Arrive
by beatlesblogge
Posted on January 20, 2018

Like a lot of collectors around the world, we have been waiting patiently for Universal Music to sort out the delays and confusion around the supply and delivery of the recent Paul McCartney vinyl re-issues on coloured vinyl.
We ordered ours last year, weeks before the advertised shipping date – but it is only in the new year that they have finally arrived, and in two separate shipments.Ram clearly was in very short supply and it is pretty obvious that a pressing of more copies had to be hurriedly arranged. That LP came in a separate package a few following the main batch.
Having said all that, these look absolutely fantastic. Here are some images of the collection – the front “hype” stickers and record labels: 

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