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Emma Stone and Paul McCartney sang Disney songs together at a bar

Emma Stone and Paul McCartney sang Disney songs together at a bar, and we guess they forgot to text us
P. Claire Dodson
September 24, 2017

Roy Rochlin / Taylor Hill / Getty Images
Emma Stone, Paul McCartney, and Alan Cumming walk into a bar. And…sing Disney classics?
Alert, this is not a setup to a bad joke. It’s real life, and it happened at Cumming’s just-opened New York City bar, Club Cumming. Emma Stone and Paul McCartney sang Disney songs together. Oh, and Billie Jean King, who Stone portrays in Battle of the Sexes, joined them. NBD.

Together, they all sang “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

An onlooker, one of around 30, verified the story.
“Emma Stone walked in with Paul McCartney and Billie Jean King,” the witness told Us Weekly. “People were really chill about it and didn’t whip out their phones and take pictures but everyone was really [excited] and surprised. [They] asked people not to record it, which everyone obliged.”

Cumming posted about the evening on Instagram.

“Proving the ‘anything can happen’ mantra, last night at @clubcumming I sang ‘Part of Your World’ with Emma Stone and Paul McCartney backed us on harmonica. And that’s Jack Aaronson on piano. Also revelling were Billie Jean King and her wife Ilana and Jake Shears! #clubcumming #yesreally.”
After the performance, Stone took time to talk with fans. Meanwhile, Cumming DJ’d and McCartney took to the dance floor.

What is this world?!

Club Cumming officially opened on September 15 in NYC’s East Village neighborhood. Cumming’s vision is for the club to be a gay-friendly space.
“Alan wants it to be a home for everyone of all ages, all genders, all sexualities, who all enjoy letting go and making some mischief. No judgments, no attitude, no rules, except kindness, acceptance and fun,” the actor’s rep said, according to Eater.
See you there next week, Emma & Paul & Billie & Alan!
Emma Stone and Paul McCartney sang Disney songs at an East Village club last night
By David Goldberg
Posted: Friday September 22 2017

If you weren't in the East Village last night, consider yourself a P.U.S. (Poor, Unfortunate Soul). At his newly-opened queer club space Club Cumming, fabulously pointed character actor Alan Cumming took the stage with Emma Stone and Paul McCartney to sing a lively rendition of The Little Mermaid's “Part of Your World.”

After sharing the stage in the recent Cabaret revival on Broadway (in which Stone's Sally was LIT, let me tell you), Cumming and Stone are back together in the new Billie Jean King biopic Battle of the Sexes, which opens this weekend. They hit Club Cumming with Billie Jean King in tow, and McCartney met them after his show at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. 

According to one blessed attendee, Cumming asked that the audience not record the performance with their phones, but "with their hearts." After channeling Ariel, McCartney played some tunes on the harmonica, and the three hit the dancefloor for ABBA, Donna Summer and beyond. 

Hopefully, these random nights will become a regular thing for Cumming and Daniel Nardicio's new space, formerly known as Eastern Bloc. Inspired by the Scottish actor's infamous Cabaret dressing room afterparties, Club Cumming aims to host performances, readings and unpredictably kinky nights. If last night is any indication of the shape of things to come, it seems to be living up to its greatest potential. 

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