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Rare Beatles items up for auction including John Lennon's signed school music book and Ringo Starr's suede stage boots

Signed John Lennon School Book
The current estimate on this item is £2200-£2700
Rare Beatles items up for auction including John Lennon's signed school music book and Ringo Starr's suede stage boots
Money can't buy you love, but it can get you a slice of pop history
17 AUG 2017


Beatles fans have the chance to get their hands on some very special items from the Fab Four as some prized possessions are set to go under the hammer.

Among the 303 collectibles up for grabs are a school music book signed by John Lennon, a pair of Ringo Starr's stage boots and rare old photographs of the band.

The John Lennon book is from his Quarry Bank schooldays and is estimated to reach £3000. Previously the book had been picked up at a charity shop for just 20p by an anonymous buyer who admired the book binding and only spotted the star's signature later.


Fans can also get there hands on a signed programme from the band (Image: JAMES SPEAKMAN / MERCURY PRESS)

The lot includes John Lennon's music textbook from quarry bank school (Image: JAMES SPEAKMAN / MERCURY PRESS)

Stephen Bailey, manager of the Beatles Shop organising the auction, said: "The school book signed by Lennon when he was about 14 or 15 had this slip of paper in it until 1966 with a number of signatures underneath it.

"I felt like saying to them 'did you not look at the top and see who'd signed it?'

"The buyer bought it from a charity shop for 20p because the binding of the book reminded them of the way they binded books at school.

"It's got an estimate of £3,000, which isn't bad for a 20p spend."

The music book is signed by John Lennon (Image: JAMES SPEAKMAN / MERCURY PRESS)

Ringo's size 7 black suede stage boots, which have an estimate of between £4,000 and £5,000, were gifted to the drummer's friend after they were worn on stage in 1963.

Stephen said: "For a short time they were on display in Beatle City back in 1986 for a year, then they went back to the gentlemen's wardrobe.

"Ringo probably wore them a few times but being a drummer and using your foot to tap your pedal they soon wear out - but these are in wonderful condition.

"It's not a bad price for a pair of second-hand shoes."


A St Silas school photo from 1948-1949 featuring Richard Starkey aka Ringo Starr is also going under the hammer and is expected to fetch between £300 and £400.

Stephen said: "Who thought their school photo would be worth anything?

"This one is worth something because of a little guy down near the front looking miserable who became a Beatle.

"People are investing for the future - by buying the items now they hope will be worth more in the future.

The Beatles (L-R) Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison
Fans are still desperate to get items from the fab four (Image: Getty Images)

"All you have to do is look back at a set of Beatles signatures from 1982/1983 - they cost around £150, now you're looking at £5,000 which isn't a bad return on the original spend."

The annual Liverpool Beatles Memorabilia Auction will take place on August 26 at Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room.

Mersey Beat cover Signed by John, George and Pete.

The estimate for this item is £1500 - £1600

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