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Paul McCartney’s odd request for ‘Oldchella’ concert
Paul McCartney’s odd request for ‘Oldchella’ concert
By Tashara Jones
September 21, 2016

Paul McCartney 
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Rocker Sir Paul McCartney wants to make sure he isn’t dwarfed by any fellow rock gods — from the Rolling Stones to The Who — at the upcoming Desert Trip concert, which has also been dubbed “Oldchella.”

A music source close to the show says that the 74-year-old former Beatle requested the stage be raised a whole 6 inches every time he’s on it.

Rock giant Macca stands at a respectable 5-feet-11, but apparently feels he’s too short for his fans to fully bask in his knighted greatness at the venue, sources said. (Capacity at the show’s been speculated to be around 70,000 per day.)

Other rockers set to perform along with McCartney, the Stones and The Who include Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Roger Waters.

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“Oldchella” is set for Oct. 7 to 9 and Oct. 14 to 16 at the Empire Polo Club grounds in Indio, Calif., the same location as famed fest Coachella. Tickets range from $199 to $1,599.

The concerts are expected to potentially haul in $100 million, while McCartney and others are reportedly earning $7 million to $10 million per show.

McCartney’s rep didn’t comment.

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Paul McCartney performs on stage during the 'One on One' tour in Seattle,

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