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Memories of Paul McCartney when he was back to Liverpool (1979)
Memories of Macca when he was back to where he once belonged
19 NOV 2015

Looking back at Paul McCartney's Royal Court concert in November 1979

Paul McCartney with wife Linda after being awarded the Freedom of the City of Liverpool on November 28, 1984

He was back for a sell-out concert earlier this year - but it wasn’t the first time Paul McCartney got back to where he once belonged.

Scouse superstar Paul returns regularly to Merseyside...

The musical maestro and former Beatle has kept us all entertained over the years, both with the Beatles, on his own and with Wings.

The Beatles enjoy a cigarette break on the balcony of the Empire Theatre in Liverpool on 8th November, 1964.

Not least in the 70s when he was a busy boy across the UK and indeed the world and, certainly, in his home town.

There was a UK Tour in ‘73 which saw him play two nights at the Liverpool Empire Theatre; his Wings All Over the World Tour in which he was back at the Empire in September ‘75 and his Wings UK Tour 1979 which he launched with his band members including lovely wife Linda in November for four nights at the Royal Court Theatre.

Paul McCartney with Wings performing at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. 25th November 1979.

One lucky person who saw him then was Susan Lee, Liverpool ECHO print editor, who remembers: “As a 12-year-old my experience of going to gigs was fairly limited, which makes it all the more astonishing that one of my first – and that of a whole host of other Liverpool schoolkids – was to see an ex-Beatle.

Paul & Linda McCartney with Wings performing, Liverpool. 24th November, 1979.

“Paul McCartney came to town with his band Wings as part of a 19 date tour – and promptly put on a show at the Royal Court Theatre specifically for pupils at his former school, the Liverpool Institute, and its sister school Blackburne House.

Paul McCartney and Wings perform at the Royal Court Theatre as part of their tour of the UK to promote their newest album, Back to the Egg. 25th November, 1979.

“Tickets were 10p - as I recall there was some element of charity to the event – and we all arrived with our green and navy school scarves ready to wave. Wings opened with Got to Get You Into My Life and closed with Band on the Run with a sprinkling of Mull of Kintyre in between.

Paul & Linda at the Royal Court Theatre - 25th November, 1979.

“It was a great concert, made all the better because we got to skip lessons for a few hours, although I don’t recall thinking I was in the presence of a legend.”

But she was...

Paul McCartney with pupils and staff from his old school, Liverpool Institute, after his show at the Royal Court, Liverpool, Merseyside. 23rd Novembe,r 1979.

Paul McCartney arrives at the Royal Court to prepare for the first Wings performance of the Wings UK Tour in Liverpool, 23rd November, 1979.

Paul McCartney arrives in Liverpool, at Speke airport. 28th November, 1984.

Paul McCartney is awarded the title of Honorary Freedom of the City of Liverpool,. Pictured with Linda McCartney, 28th November, 1984.

Paul McCartney awarded the title of Honorary Freedom of the City of Liverpool, pictured with Linda McCartney and Councillor Hugh Dalton, 28th November, 1984.

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