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Beatles material that surfaced in 2014

Beatles material that surfaced in 2014
Posted by Roger Stormo
Friday, January 02, 2015

Here's a list of Beatles material that surfaced as new or upgraded discoveries in the year we now have laid behind us.

- I'll Follow The Sun (Paul's demo from Dec 63-Jan 64)
- She Loves You (Ken Dodd Show upgrade from 9 Oct 63)
- Till There Was You (from Pop Go The Beatles #13)
- A Hard Day's Night (new 5.1 mixes from the official Blu-Ray/DVD release)
- Blokker (various upgrades from both shows, 6 Jun 64)
- Shea! (HMC DVD/CD set, better quality than previously bootlegged)
- Stockholm concert (Stereo recording from part of a 28 Jul 64 concert, minus one channel)
- Long Tall Sally (longer version from the Paris Olympia concert on 16 Jan 64 from a newsreel)

Of course, in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in the USA, Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries, more photos, more or upgraded footage from airports, receptions, press conferences and interviews have been unearthed by various broadcasters and publications in these countries, but the only new or upgraded music is in the short list above.

No doubt, 2015 will provide us with some more goodies.

Still not out officially, bootleggers made available a better version of The Beatles at Shea Stadium.

I'll Follow The Sun - Demo

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