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The Story of the `Fifth Beatle’
The Story of the `Fifth Beatle’

Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –- “The Fifth Beatle” Author Vivek Tiwary discusses Brian Epstein, the man who discovered the Beatles and his graphic novel about the famed manager. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What happened? 

How did it go from being broadway shows to a graphic novel? 

What was the connection? 

The brian epstein has been with me for while. 

I have been thinking about it since i was at the wharton school of business. 

I thought it would study the lives of the great entertainment visionaries. 

I was wanting to know how he -- tell people who he was. 

Brian epstein discovered the beatles and brought them to the unprecedented success that we know. 

They were unknown. 

He package them, presented them, give them the suit and the haircuts. 

No label was interested. 

He he convinced ed sullivan to give them a break when no british brand had ever made an impact. 

On the personal side, he was gay, jewish, and from liverpool. 

It was a felony to be gay. 

It was literally against the law. 

And that feminism was rampant. 

Liverpool had no call troll interest. 

Here was this gay, jewish man running around liverpool and saying that they're going to be bigger than elvis. 

He will body was crazy. 

But he was right, obviously. 

And he chase that dream with an incredible amount of passion and persistence, and he realized it spectacularly. 

If is white inspires me. 

That it is why -- that is why it inspires me. 

How did this lead to the graphic novel? 

I do not want to claim to have certain obstacles in my life. 

But i can relate to the sense of being an outsider. 

I was born in new york city, but my family is of indian origin. 

And you don't see a lot of people of my at the city working in film and broadway. 

I am not the only one. 

Though we are a rare breed. 

I could relate to that sense of wanting to make a change, but they sing a lot of personal obstacles in getting her. 

If i learned anything, it is that no dream is impossible. 

The most impossible dreams are the ones worth facing. 

" the fifth beatle: the brian epstein story." thank you.

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