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June 4th 2014

“Steven Lee "Luke" Lukather (born October 21, 1957) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger and record producer, best known for his work with the rock band Toto."

Eddy Meuwese  talks to Steve Lukather in this Exclusive interview...

Next thing on your agenda is some new shows with Ringo Starr. I can only guess that will always one of the coolest things that happened in your career to be asked to play in the band of one of your childhood hero’s. How did it happen the first time when he asked you to play in his all-star band?  Is there any difference in touring with Ringo and Toto, besides travelling in a private plane, hahaha?

THE most fun ever! I love this gig for so many reasons. First off its RINGO! We have become great friends and I love ALL the guys in the band. All at the top of their game and great songs to play and I so enjoy being 8 different kids of guitar players. No pressure on me and Ringo treats us like kings. The private G4 does NOT suck and has ruined me for regular travel forever, hahaha. I got to write a new song with Ringo for his new record which was a thrill and I will be dong this on and off for the rest of this year and then I have to leave to do Toto full time in 2015. Some of the best times of my life on this tour. It is an honour to be part of a huge legacy with the All-stars!

It would be fun to know if you, Steve Lukather, would had the chance to put an all-starr band together of your own choice of musician of the classic rock genre and do some gigs. Who would you like on bass, vocals, keys and drums?

Oh man… depends on what style of music. I have so many incredible musician friends it is impossible for me to answer this one fast. Sorry. I would like to think that every different thing I have done is an all-star project.

I can imagine that another highlight must have been your performance with Ringo and Sir Paul on this special “A Grammy Salute to The Beatles” do you have some cool stories you remember to share with us of all that went down on a special day and night like that and did you meet some other well-known artists that you not had met before?

One of THE highlights of life for me. The Beatles were my ON switch to life! It was surreal standing there ready to go on and there is Ringo and Paul and then they showed clips of ‘Hard Days Night’ and it all hit me at once how far I had come. I started playing after the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan 50 years ago and I used to beg anyone that would take me to go see ‘Hard Days Night’ over and over and over again in the theatres PRE home video etc… and there I was 50 years later celebrating this. Unreal! If you would have told the 7 year old me that in 50 years I would be playing the real Beatles it would be like saying I would be the first man on Mars. Dreams DO come true. It was a great honour, believe me.


June 1
Great times at my daughter Tina's engagement party last night! SO proud!
Off w/ Ringo and the Allstarrs this morning! Yee ha! Summertime!

June 2
First day of rehearsals in Canada with Ringo and the Allstarrs.
So great to see everyone last night. Gonna be a great tour!


June 1
Exciting Week coming up. Tonight a show in Phoenix with @billyjoel and tomorrow I head to Toronto with @ringostarrmusic I'll keep you posted

June 3
Spent today rehearsing @ringostarrmusic All Starr Band!
It was Awesome! I Love You Gents. Peace & Gratitude...MR


June 3
Hi from Toronto!! We're here for rehearsals this week with Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band!! Ringo's drum tech Jeff Chonis has my new Dixon Drums Artisan Ultra Maple drums ready to rock!!! Who's ready for the summer tour?

June 4
I will see YOU in two days for Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band's North American tour!!! Tour kicks off Friday @ Casino Rama!


June 1

Todd will be hitting the road with Ringo starting June 6th ! 

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