jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

'You Gave Me The Answer' – Brendan from Australia asks…


Imagine what your life might be like if you had made a few different decisions. For instance, what if you'd taken on a different job, or you had attended a different school / university, or maybe learnt to play a different musical instrument.

Here at PaulMcCartney.com we’re still dreaming of one day becoming an astronaut. (NASA, feel free to give us a call!)

Paul had his musical appetite from a young age. That passion for music has led him along a path we all know and love, and it's a path we're very grateful he went down! There have been a lot of adventures along the way, but imagine how different things might be now if Paul had been given a geometry set for his birthday instead of that trumpet!

Brendan Browne from Australia wonders what direction Paul's life might take if he were to go back to school. He asks:

“If you became a full time student, what would you study?”

We spoke with Paul to find out. He replied:

"Good question, thank you Brendan. I love reading and would be interested in studying English literature or history. Or computer studies, which is such a useful skill."

(Sounds like Paul might be after our job soon!)

We'd love to know what you would choose to study and why. Tell us in the comments below…

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