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Beatles U.S. Albums Sampler
Beatles U.S. Albums Sampler
by beatlesblogger
February 18, 2014

Some people are kind.

We’d been looking to purchase (if we could) a copy of the 25-track “sampler” CD released to promote the Beatles The U.S. Albums box set.


These have been selling on eBay for upwards of $75.00…and more. Really, too much!

Then the other day we get home to find a small parcel had been delivered. Inside – you guessed it: a copy of the rare and collectable sampler CD.

A friend in the music industry had more than one copy and so he’d sent it over – as a gift.

U.S. Albums Promo front

U.S. Albums Promo rear

U.S. Albums Promo CD

Some people are kind. And generous!

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