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Digital version of out of print Beatles reference now available
Digital version of out of print Beatles reference now available
by Adam Forrest, Beatles News Editor
Published August 26, 2013

The enhanced digital version of one of the Beatles bibles, The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay, by Bruce Spizer, is now available at the author's official website,

Long out of print, with original printed copies of the book now going for extreme premium prices on sites like eBay, The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay is an irreplaceable and unmatched reference for Beatles record collectors and any fan who's interested in the recording history of the Beatles. Including high-definition images of rare, real discs most collectors will never get to see in real life, and images of actual paperwork and correspondence from the time, the book tells the story of the Beatles records in the United States before they were on Capitol Records.

This new, enhanced, digital version of The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay takes perfection one step further, and adds even more illustrations of rare record labels and printed documentation from the period, setting the record (you'll pardon the pun) straight of the real details on the records of the Beatles on Vee-Jay, when and where they manufactured, and how many, and the legal battles between the David and Goliath of American record companies, Vee-Jay and Capitol Records.

In addition, this new eBook contains hyperlinks and cross references, you can zoom in to see details of the great images, it is searchable, and you can add bookmarks and annotations. It is optimized for the Apple iPad, and works on any computer or device that reads PDFs.

The new eBook edition of The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay was officially released last week on August 23, the 49th anniversary of the day Vee-Jay awarded five in-house gold record awards to the Beatles in Los Angeles, and one of the expanded chapters in the book contains new, bonus images of the actual Vee-Jay Beatles gold record awards. It also contains expanded information about counterfeit Beatles records from the era and how to identify them.

Every eBook ordered from the author's site will also come with an 8.5×11 collector's card with images of the Vee-Jay picture sleeves and albums covers and an 8.5×11 signature card signed by Bruce Spizer showing the front and back covers of the book, and a 2×8 Vee-Jay covers bookmark.

For more info on the new Enhanced Digital version of The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay, check out

Table of Contents

Section 1
Singles Of Significance
Vee-Jay 498 Please Please Me b/w Ask Me Why
Vee-Jay 522 from Me to You b/w Thank You Girl
Vee-Jay 581 Please Please Me b/w from Me to You
Tollie 9001 Twist and Shout b/w There’s a Place
Vee-Jay 587 Do You Want to Know a Secret b/w Thank You Girl
Vee-Jay EP 1-903 Souvenir of Their Visit to America
Tollie 9008 Love Me Do b/w P.s. I Love You
The Beatles on Oldies 45
Teen Fun Cards
The Beatles Christmas Picture Sleeve
Foreign Singles and Other 7″ Wonders of the World
Metal Parts of Significance (Stampers)
How Records Are Made
The Tollie Singles Story
The Tollie Singles Discography
Fine Fakes of Significant Interest
Hall of Shame
Vee-Jay Record Sleeves and Mailers

Section 2 
Fine Albums of Significant Interest
Vee-Jay VJLP 1062 Introducing the Beatles (Version One)
Vee-Jay VJLP 1062 Introducing the Beatles (Version Two)
Vee-Jay VJLP 1085 Jolly What! The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage
Vee-Jay VJLP 1092 Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles
Vee-Jay DX-30 The Beatles Vs. The Four Seasons
Vee-Jay VJLP 1085 The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage (Portrait Cover)
Vee-Jay Pro 202 Hear the Beatles Tell All
Vee-Jay VJLP 1101 The 15 Greatest Songs of the Beatles
Counterfeits of Significance
Inner Sleeve Dust Covers

Section 3 
Stories of Significant Interest
A Brief History of Vee-Jay Records
A Very Brief History of Capitol Records
How the Beatles Ended up on Vee-Jay, Swan and Capitol
Alan Livingston: from Bozo to the Beatles
Lawsuits of Significance
Gold Record Awards
Significant Promotions from Vee-Jay
Beatles with an A (And One T)

Section 4 Other 
Significant Information
Fine Factories of Significant Interest
Other Fine Books of Significant Interest
Checklist of Beatles Records on Vee-Jay
Fine Vendors of Significance


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