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The Beatles' 1968 Pop Art masterpiece Yellow Submarine Digitally Restored and Re-released to Huge Acclaim‏


Era-Transcending, Time-Bending - Yellow Submarine Resurfaced In 2012 as Mind-Blowing As It Was In 1968

22nd June 2012

By hand, frame by frame and without the use of automated software, The Beatles' 1968 Pop Art masterpiece Yellow Submarine has been digitally restored and rereleased to huge acclaim.
The delicate, hand-drawn artwork that revolutionised animation in its day has been brought back to its original condition, revealing it to be as thrilling a psychedelic odyssey as it was at the time of its original release.
Yellow Submarine was the first great, non-Disney animated feature and it's as if the music, themes, surreal humour, artwork and writing have all just been born again in 4k digital resolution.
Visit yellowsubmarine.com to explore how the film was made including original storyboards, cells, and making-of films.
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Yellow Submarine is available to order on Blu-Ray, DVD and on iTunes now! You can order your copy of the restored classic film on Blu-Ray or DVD from the official Beatles Stores, or from your local retailer.
To coincide with the release, there are some exclusive bundled products that you only order from the official stores including replica lobby cards, premiere ticket and T-shirts featuring sketches from the creation of the film.
An interactive digital version of the book can be downloaded free download on Apple's iBookstore for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch at iTunes.
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