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Sir Paul McCartney Performs at Wrigley Field for 'On the Run' Tour
Published : Friday, 29 Jul 2011, 9:53 PM CDT
By Craig Wall, FOX Chicago News
Chicago- The stage is set at Wrigley Field, literally and figuratively for this weekend's must-see concert tour with Paul McCartney, which may bring more excitement to the friendly confines than the Cubs have all year long.
Tickets in hand, 65-year-old Richard Loya is ready for what promises to be a great night on Sunday.
"I have to give the Beatles credit for me being a rock and roll fan," Loya said. "I missed them at Comiskey Park in '64, but I'm not going to miss them at Wrigley Field this year."
The last time McCartney played a concert in Chicago was in 2005.
On this current tour, called "On The Run" after McCartney's famous solo album "Band on the Run," the former Beatles bass player has been giving fans their money's worth with concerts that have been lasting three hours, filled with plenty of classic Beatles and Wings tunes.
Kathy Wheeler calls herself a die-hard Beatles fan. She set up a Beatles fan website  several years ago after traveling to Liverpool and London for BeatlesFest.
She has seen McCartney twice before, the last time in 2002. This concert stop she did not want to miss.
"Considering his age he may not be up and rocking all that much longer, he'll do shows here and there but who knows if he'll be in Chicago again," Wheeler said.
For fans, it's about making it a night to be remembered long after they're 64.
"I can check it off the bucket list," Loya said.
McCartney is playing two shows, on Sunday and Monday.
Paul McCartney

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