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Paul's New Year Message


December Newsletter: 'What's 

That You're Doing? (No.12/Vol.3)'

Today sees the publication of the last PaulMcCartney.com newsletter for 2015, and what 
a year it has been! The December email runs through some of our highlights from the year. 
What were your favourite moments?
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Paul celebrating new year!

Hello and welcome to the 

PaulMcCartney.com monthly 
newsletter for December
So that was 2015! How was the year for you? Here at 
we've had a great 12 months, with so many fun memories!

Each December we like to sit down with Paul and look at all 

the cool things we've worked on together ...and as always, 
we've been blown away by it all! 
Some of our highlights are listed below and we'd love to hear 
about yours too, so please do leave your favourite memories 
from 2015 aPaulMcCartney.com, the Maccaboard, or on 
your social media platform of 
choice using the hashtag #PaulMcCartney.

...So here we go with some of our highlights from 2015!

We've posted a round up of the year HERE! and also a
 photographic trip 
though 2015 HERE! How well do you think you know Paul's 
Find out by downloading the 2015 Wordsearch HERE!

To celebrate the reissue of Pipes of Peace as part of the 

GRAMMY-winning Paul McCartney Archive Collection, we 
asked you to helus make a fan video for 'Say Say Say [2015 
Remix]' and wow, you made us proud! 
Watch the fan video by clicking HERE!

Paul's 'Out There' tour has continued to travel the world 
over the past twelve months so we decided to take a closer 
look at what goes into making it all happen.
 View the 'Out There' infographic by clicking HERE!

One of our main highlights of the year was going out on 
tour with Paul in Japan and the UK. We published a 
tour blog froour Japan trip earlier in the year, 
but we've also just taken fans backstage on the 
UK tour letting you know what we get up to on the 
road. Read the PaulMcCartney.com UK tour blog 
by clicking HERE!

He also asked that we pass on a message for the New Year:

"I'm wishing everyone out there a really 

happy new year. 
We are looking at new tour dates as we 
speak so hopefully we'll be somewhere near you. 
But whether we are, 
or not, have a great year; peaceful, 
happy and let's all 
make a difference in the world!

Love Paul"

And finally Paul gave us an insight into his Christmas 

for 'You Gave Me The Answer'.Read the final 'You Gave 
Me The Answer' of 2015 by clicking HERE!

We hope you have a wonderful new year and we're 
super excited about all the fun things we'll be getting up to 
online with Paul in 2016!
All the best!



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