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Lennon pulverises Jagger in 1970 interview
Lennon pulverises Jagger
MAR 11, 2013

I recall seeing a CBC interview with Marianne Faithfull in the '90s in which she stated, very darkly, that "nobody fucked with John Lennon."
In light of that, here's an audio clip of the egg man lacing into Dame Mick Jagger during his 1970 interview for Rolling Stone
"I like 'Honky Tonk Women' [but] I think Mick's a joke," sniffs the recently exed-Beatle before laying an even nastier insult on the Stones' frontman. 
It seems that Lennon was a little put out by some "tarty things" Mick had been saying to the press.
"I'm hurt by it," explains Lennon, "I can knock the Beatles, but don't let Mick Jagger knock them... I'd like to just list what we did and what the Stones did two months after on every fucking album... and I'd like one of you fucking underground people to point it out."
"They're not in the same class, music wise, or power-wise, never were, and Mick always resented it," he continues. " But I never said anything, I always admired them because I liked their funky music and I liked their style... I liked the direction they took after they got over trying to imitate us..."
Lennon then chuckles that "he's even trying to do Apple now," referring to the newly created Rolling Stones Records (Sticky Fingers would be the first release from the full band a year later). "He'll do exactly what we did and lose all his money..." 
Mick Jagger's net worth is estimated to be in the region of $300 million, so I guess John wasn't right about everything.
By the way, this post has been brought to you by the universal axiom that THE BEATLES ARE ALWAYS INTERESTING.

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