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Beatle MAL's Legendary Band
Beatle MAL's Legendary Band  A FAB New Play about The BEATLES!
Mal Evans road manager and friend to the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time, recalls The BEATLES with a 'Pinch of Pepper!'
The play is an entertainment with original music, based around the 13 tracks on the album for which Mal is said to have co written the title song: 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'. Mal tells us about the rigours of touring, the famous meetings with Bob Dylan and Elvis, the Indian adventure with Maharishi and the almost fairytale dream of the Beatles company Apple Corps, where he was briefly a managing director. The play weaves both imagination and fact and is a fitting homage in this their 50th anniversary year to one of the most creative forces in music ever.. the Beatles!

 Beatle Mal's Legendary Band An entertaining hour spent with the Beatles closest friend!Of all the Beatles inner circle Mal Evans has always captured my imagination the most. He was always there in the background, their protector and friend, so much more than just the big guy who lugged the gear from venue to venue. Mal was perhaps closer to the fab four than any other person.
He was in their films, took part in the recording sessions and there is every good reason to believe that his contribution to the writing, particularly of 'Sergeant Pepper,' was a significant one.  He also wrote a regular column in the Beatles Monthly Book in the 60's and played a pivotal role in signing   Beatles
 protégés Badfinger to the apple record label. To the Beatles individually he was an invaluable travelling companion and close confidante. On the crazy ride that was Beatlemania, it is doubtful they'd have survived without him.
In writing this piece, I have tried to keep true to the creative spirit of the Beatles, as I have to the character of a man who was clearly a much loved figure in the Beatles family and who was always unswervingly loyal to them!
     Nik Wood-Jones, (actor & writer)

Nik Wood-Jones as MAL EVANS

Nik is best known for playing the famous fell walker and writer Alfred Wainwright, first appearing as him in the BBC film, 'The Man Who Loved the Lakes', (2007) and then providing the voice of Wainwright in the popular 'Wainwright walks' and 'Wainwright Coast to Coast' series also for the BBC.
"Wainwright's prose ably recited by Nik Wood-Jones with a rare credibility." (
He also notably played legendary Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh in 'On Raglan Road' both on the London stage and on two separate and hugely successful tours of Ireland. 
"Nik Wood-Jones has a powerful presence as Kavanagh" (Time Out)
He will be seen as the mysterious Albert in the forthcoming feature film: 'Dark Roar'.


     Beatle Mal's Legendary Band premieres at The 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 5th-27th August

Paradise in The Vault11 Merchant Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2QD.
Reduced price preview on Sunday 5th August at 10pm. Tickets for this only £5 (£3.50 concs)
Two for the price of one nights: Mon 6th & Tues 7th August. at 10.15pm. (Normal ticket price: £8 / £5 concs)

Then performances nightly at 10.15pm, (except 13th & 20th), through to last night Monday 27th August.                   'The Vault' is a lovely, intimate 42-seater theatre,  a white brick, cavern-like little venue under the George IV Bridge.'
 Advance booking strongly recommended, as it is a small theatre. Tickets are now on sale from the EdFringe website. 
 BOOK HERE DIRECTLY: (trusted link)


Beatle Mal's 1st Blog

Beatle Mal which is me, is coming to Edinburgh for 3 weeks in August and hopefully if anyone will give me any money, to Liverpool and London sometime afterwards! I've got interest from The Cavern in Liverpool and will be holding a press launch there in July. Sadly Edinburgh fringe clashes with the Beatles festival in August, but I'm hoping it can find it's way into the Cavern, a natural setting of course, sometime this 50th anniversary year of 'Love me do'.

In Edinburgh, I'm playing in the very intimate & rather Cavern-like setting of 'The Vault' on Merchant Street, under the George IV bridge, right in the heart of Edinburgh's historic old town. It's a very intimate 42-seater purpose built theatre. A very exciting place to see the smallest, but greatest Beatles related show this year!
There's going to be original music and some Beatles songs from Sergeant Pepper too, if they'll let me! It's a bit like 'a reduced Beatles anthology', but with a generous slice of imagination and Belisha Beacons too!!!

Big Mal Evans recalled to life, an hour spent with the Beatles best mate, please don't miss it!

Beatle Mal's Blog No 2, 29th April 2012

Music is so important to this show and today had a good initial meet up with Kirk, who is helping me with the 5 original songs. It's a big buzz, effectively writing a song with him, seeing my lyrics, my idea for a tune, hummed into a mp3 player being turned into a proper song. Kirk has some great ideas at this early stage of our working together, so it's exciting to think how they will sound when they come to be recorded. Going into a recording studio and working on them will just be the best fun and for a non musician like me, who once dreamed of being in a band that was as inspiring as the Beatles.. almost a dream come true!

May is approaching and I am still to confirm a director, who needs to be just the right collaborator, to help me bring out imaginatively Mal's spoken reflections.
It is almost like a 'reduced Beatles anthology,' but there is in truth a fluid mix of both the real and the imagined. Maybe I am expecting too much of a director and some have even suggested I direct the piece myself, but I enjoy collaborating and have been such a one-man band up to now. One thing is for sure that whoever does direct me, has to have almost an equal passion for the project, to see what I cannot see, new ways of approaching the solo show genre and maybe defy a few conventions.. we'll see!

I am doing a bit of a preview at The Cavern around lunchtime in late July, which will be hugely exciting, a natural home for the play. This will be a free show for an invited audience of press and other interested parties, if you're in Liverpool then and interested in attending drop me a line using the contact form on this site.

So much to do and so little money. I still haven't given up on the 'dream' of some organisation giving me some modest backing, as I need to really ratchet up the publicity machine next month to spread the word, bit disappointed that my attempts to push the play through social media have thus far only yielded 42 followers on twitter and that some of the Beatles news tweeters seem to be ignoring my requests to follow or retweet, but I owe it to myself, to what promises to be a creative and captivating one-man show, to ensure that more than one man or woman comes along to see it!

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