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John Lennon during the flight to Bahamas in 1965 : ‘Well, err, we all got stoned’

 FEBRUARY 22 1965 : The Beatles fly to the Bahamas to begin filming location scenes for their second movie, "Help!"

‘Well, err, we all got stoned’
By Paul Fraser
Jul 14 2018

Picture the scene...


You’re on a BOAC flight to the Bahamas.

Of course, this being the 1960s, you’re allowed to smoke on board.

But there’s a bit of a funny smell.

Their brains may have been impaired but their writing skills certainly weren't - look at the cracker from Ringo!

It seems to be coming from a few seats over, where a group of mop-haired Liverpudlians are talking absolute nonsense.

The Beatles’ now legendary flight to the Bahamas marked the start of their transition from teen idols into something a little more experimental.

They were on their way to film classic movie Help!

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John Lennon on the set of Help 1965

On their arrival, Lennon was asked how they passed the time during the flight.

His answer?

“Well, err, we all got stoned”.

A signed menu from the flight is expected to sell for £5,000-6,000 ($6,667-8,000) at Spink on July 24-25.

I have a piece of Beatles memorabilia I think you may like.

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Welcome to the Bahamas

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